The square of time. Mixed-media, 70 x70 cm.

“Only a single four-dimensional space-time has an absolute meaning, being invariant.” 
Albert Einstein 
Take a good look in remarkably vivid color squares - a kind of painting, which shows the scale of time
in a single four-dimensional space. This is the work of Maya Bukhin (Mixed-media -- painting / Digital Art),
which creates a perception of time outside of reality. The space, consisting of squares one within another
in fact the square of time. There is a possibility not only ambiguous perception of the constant
transformations into each other of the plane and space, but also the perception of these transformations
in different periods of time. And it is graphically reminiscent of the phenomenon
of gravitational time dilation.
                                                                                                                                                      Maya Bukhin


Peace to your house.
2010, oil on metal  (oil on the "Qassam" rocket).

“Qassam” ... This word invokes concern, tension and bitterness of irreplaceable losses.
I have seen explosions... Feeling of helplessness generates a storm of emotions.
I want to protest, to express with artistic means my attitude to everything taking place and my vision.
Having seeing “Qassam”, I immediately imagined the house in which we are living in,
flowering trees, clean and peaceful sky. Thus was born composition called - "Peace to your house".
I  used the real part of “Qassam” and painted in oil on metal as on canvas.
I want to say with the painting: Let always be a cloudless,
blue sky above us and piece in every home - yours, yours and yours!
                                                                                                                                                     Maya Bukhin  


The roots of life in the square of time.
2010, oil on canvas, 60 x 60 cm.

Nature is our roots, the beginning of life for many generations in a space of time ... And life in it is as one passing day.
Birth of the morning with its blueness of light, gradually gaining vitality color of a spring lilac.
Day turning into evening, with its deep shadows, as the life of rolling to a decline and going into Violet of night darkness.
But the roots of the life remain eternal life in all periods of time ...
And all of these associations, which have woken up in my memory, induced me to paint "The roots of life in the square of time."
The squares in the square is a square of time. It is an opportunity not only to dual perception of permanent
transformations of flatness and space one into another, but also the perception of these transformations in different periods
of time. And the artist can more fully express their perceptions, decomposing them into lines and color
to get a continuous harmony of image and a sense of space of time...
The roots of life are eternal! But if to look in a temporal space, then you see that each person get its time interval,
from a century to one day. And only our memory is able to maintain and restore tree of life for descendants.This is our roots!
                                                                                                                        Maya Bukhin