About me

Maya Bukhin was born in Omsk (Russia).
To be trained in the fine arts of the beginning since the childhood: first in a fine art studio of the Kiev
house of Pioneers (Ukraine), then in the Studio of Minsky G.C., a member of the Union of artists
of the USSR and Ukraine, honored artist of Ukraine.
Next she studied at the Kiev College of Applied Art.
Graduated from Kiev art-industrial College (now Kiev State Institute of Applied and Decorative art
and Design them Michail Boychuk).
Worked as a designer in the Ukrainian aviation industry.
After emigration to Israel (1997), she lives and is engaged in creativity in Ashkelon (Israel).
Member of the “Eurasian Art Union”
 Member of the "Association of Professional Artists of Israel".
 Member of the "Association of artists of Ashkelon".

Themes of her works - nature, still life, abstract, thoughts, fantasy and attitude to the world surrounding us.
Her works are in private collections in Ukraine, Russia, France, Germany, Japan, Israel, USA.

" As long as I remember me, I painted ... Pencil and brush have always been at hands .
From 2nd grade I started to study at the art studio. And all my life, I am studying, observing
and comprehending the need do creative works is as need to breathe and live!
Every moment of a past life, leaves a trace in my soul - in my imaginations and reality...
My works are a mirror of my soul, the need to transfer onto the canvas my thoughts, feelings, mood
and attitude towards everything that surrounds us.
Beauty of the world surrounding us – the sky, air, the nature, the person and creations of hands
of the person (architecture, things, household items) surprisingly and intricately linked to each other in
a complicated manner among themselves. Convey on canvas the harmony of this unity - fascinating, complicated
and at the same time exciting for me, as an artist task. And each time, I feel in a new way sense of reality
behind which opens bigger, than the outside world. Every time I attain, create, observing and embodying my plans,
aspirations, re-experiencing a new process of my creation.
I am grateful to the Almighty, which gave me the gift to see and, as much as possible, express on canvas
multifaceted condition and mood, because at the next moment everything can change, and there will be something
new that gives inspiration for further creativity."

Participation in group exhibitions:

1994 - Kiev (Ukraine);
1995 - Moscow (Russia);
1998 - 2019 - 43 exhibitions in the cities of Ashkelon, Kiryat Gat, Beer Sheva , Ashdod,
Petah Тikva, Rishon Le Zion, Ariel, Jerusalem (Israel);
2010 - Alborques Collective Exhibition, Nazaré (Portugal);
   2018 - All-Russian Festival of Poetry and Art "ART-POETRY", Moscow (Russia);
                                                    2019 - All-Russian Festival of Poetry and Art "ART-POETRY", Moscow (Russia);                                                                                               2019 -  International Exhibition of Contemporary Art "Art Week in China", Beijing (China);                                              2019 -  International Exhibition of Contemporary Art "Art Week in India", New Delhi (India).

Personal exhibitions:

2001 - “Beit Eli ", Ashkelon (Israel);
2002 - "Merkaz Dune", Ashdod (Israel);
2004 - "Hendrick Gallery”, Boston, USA;
2004 - "LynnArts Gallery", Boston, USA;
2008 – The Museum of “Khan", Ashkelon (Israel);
2010 - The Russian Cultural Center, Tel Aviv (Israel);
2014 - "Bet HAAיAM", Ashkelon (Israel).